King Galive Reaghann, the mighty ruler of Vesper, died without an heir. With his death the kingdom began to tear at it’s seams.  The Kingdom of Vesper divided in turmoil as noble houses fought over their family lineages tied to Vesper Kings of old.

As the kingdom plunged into an age of civil war, the most influential argued their claim to the throne.  The ensuing strife ultimately condensed into three major territories, two of which led by House Rosewild, and House Alphare. Over time, each had formed two provinces loyal to their respective houses — the Wild Roses of Rosewild, and the Allegiance of Alphare.

Goaded on both sides by the wealthy House Richmond of Milstone, Vesper nears the brink of it’s own extinction as the world becomes silently engulfed in a divine conflict.  With the peaceful era of King Reaghann now gone, no resolution seems near as bloodshed drenches the soils among us.  War has taken it’s toll on the once mighty kingdom, and yet it’s people fight onward.

A never ending destruction not even our Lord of Creation hast tempered.