What’s up everyone!

My name is Darryl Castone, and I’m both the founder of XIV Digital Arts, as well as the Creative Director for Legends of Nesslifia.
We’ve all anticipated for many months the opportunity to share the development of this RPG title with you all!
  We at XIV decided that instead of waiting to launch a Legends of Nesslifia website with a full demo, it would be much more entertaining and motivating for us to instead keep a log of some of the more interesting stepping-stones in this journey.  We hope by bringing Legends of Nesslifia to life in front of the world takes you with us to a place of understanding of how special this world is for us personally.  This developers blog is for everyone to enjoy, and we welcome anyone to communicate with us and experience every step of bringing this game to the world.  You can all look forward to monthly releases of fresh content including character designs, updates on the lives of the creators, as well as milestone progress in building Legends of Nesslifia.

If you’re a fan of classic epic story telling, fantasy elements, puzzling challenges, beautiful worlds, and witnessing the raw passion of a group of driven artists, then you’ve found yourself right at home in the company of new friends here at XIV Digital Arts.

To all of our friends, family, as well as anyone out there who may become fans of Nesslifia, we want to thank you all for giving us your time, feedback, and interest in what we believe will be an amazing new RPG experience.

Thanks Everyone!

D. Castone